Tips for Flea Market Shoppers

If you are looking for ways to save you money as you buy things, then the swap and flea markets are suitable for you. However, the term changes depending on the place. In the western parts of the states, swap is quite common, while flea is the most preferred name in the eastern parts of the states. However, both terms mean the same thing. In flea market, people you will find people specializing in various items like home furnishings or electric.


Nevertheless, they all have a common aspect. In these markets, you will be able to find, goods with good deals that you cannot even find in the specialty stores. It does not matter if you are buying or selling, or could be turning the pick up into cash through selling them, it is your responsibility to make sure you understand how the flea market works. Below are some of the tips to help you while in the flea market;


  1. Dress down Whenever you are going to the flea market, make sure you dress well. You do not need to dress as if you are heading to a dinner event. You should wear comfortable and baggy clothing, simple tracksuit, or even good jeans and shirts. It is very important to avoid stylish and expensive clothing. You should leave your jewelry back at home. Just dress down.

  1. Take your cash Although you will find credit card system, many people selling there remain in cash only. Therefore, it is very important to carry enough cash compared to how you wish to buy items. Unless you could be targeting big items, you can always carry small bill. You can get easily frustrated as you ask your vendor to make some change for a $100 bill.


  1. Feed well and carry snacks and water In the market, you will have to walk and stand for long hours. Make sure you eat well before you go to the market. Take plenty of fluids in your meal. Before leaving the house, consider taking with you energy snacks. Do not forget to go with a water refillable bottle. Other flea markets would have stalls selling all natural fruit smoothie recipes. Take advantage of those!


  1. Arrive early  There is a golden rule for the market. Arrive late buy late. If you need to find good deals, you must be there quite early. Some of the vendors may sell good over the day and decide to close before evening. Therefore, be there when they are offloading their trucks. With that, you will be having a humble time to move from one vendor to another.


  1. Make a list of items Make sure you are having a list of items to buy before leaving your house. You can have photos of exact items you need and their detailed information. This will also help you to avoid buying things you had not planned. Thereby saving your money or using it wisely. While in the market, you will come across many items that will catch your eyes. As you buy the items in your list, you can check off the item from your list.


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